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December 19, 2010
We knew it had been a bit on the cold side over the past week or so and it was definitely benumbing at the marina this morning (18 degrees). But it was a bit of a shock to arrive (or wake up for those who overnighted) this ante meridiem to see the fleet frozen in place and thin ice floes scattered about the harbor as there was no hint of any ice anywhere yesterday. Fortunately this was a rather thin layer that did not require much more force than the horsepower provided by your average kicker. Mostly. For some reason, the ice securing Carol Lynn in her berth was a bit firmer than that around other boats giving James and Kristen an additional workout.
  It was indeed a cold morning but extra cold makes for extra points and that in itself is enough to keep any skipper and crew warm and happy throughout the day! Although, it certainly doesn't hurt to have the proper Shackleton race gear on board as detailed in the photo here. No one will dispute the need of the necessary provisions and accoutrements laid out carefully on the shoreline here. However, some will argue that the ratio of certain items to others are proportionally incorrect. Of course, we don't know what exactly is stowed in those duffel bags now do we?
Making their return to The Shackleton Series was the fearsome Opus Dei. Having won every race they participated in last year's series, the Olson's sudden appearance (like a pirate ship on the horizon) created a bit of angst within the fleet, raising the hackles on every captain in the harbor! No, not really. It just sounded like a good place to write in a tension filled moment and I seem to be at a loss for words as of late in these race reports. Truth is, we are always happy to see another boat out sailing with us - even if it is one of those big kahunas! And even if it means losing The Ringer that has been present on Boat X the last two races. Yes indeed, Scott, henceforth known as The Traitor, is back to being one of the regular crew on Opus Dei! That's okay - we hold no grudges here (for the most part) and it is common for crew to hop from boat to boat - come to think of it, it  HAS actually even happened in the middle of a race!

Although wind forecasts were on the light side there was a nice persistent breeze throughout this contest, even from the onset as we charged out of the secondary channel. Today's journey would be a 5.4 mile leisurely sail with two visits to our favorite buoy at Grasshopper Creek. All boats were sailing well from the start, reaching to Grasshopper before turning and ascending upriver. It wasn't long before Opus Dei and Maniac opened up a good lead making it a 2 boat race.  (There's a shocking news flash.)

Both Opus Dei and Maniac were even heading into the downwind leg. As Maniac edged ahead, there was some kind of comment from the J 29 directed to the Olson about, "being beaten by a boat with a grandmother working on the foredeck!" Lynn was talking some serious smack for sure but that is okay, the J 29 generally does not have the opportunity to engage in such chatter with other boat crews since no one is ever within ear shot! And of course, it wouldn't be a sailboat race without a bit of good natured trash talk taking place.
I was the beneficiary of a bit of ribbing myself in one of our crossing battles with True Blue when Chuck hollered something about keeping pace with Andre and I on Boat X even though, "we didn't have OUR boat bottom cleaned yesterday." Indeed, True Blue was keeping pace with Andre and I on the J 24 and it had appeared that the secrecy of yesterday's covert operation had been compromised. Concerning the fact of the latter, yes a tiny bit of slime was indeed whisked off the bottom of the hull yesterday with the marina's pressure washer. Do I feel guilty about it? Well, let me put it this way, if one of your crew, and if that crew happened to be your BOSS, offered to clean the bottom of the boat you would be skippering the next day, what would your answer be?
Even though we were battling the cold along with all the verbal blows taking place, it was an enjoyable day for a sail as always. A nice job by everyone in the fleet today. Although just missing beating them boat for boat, Maniac would get the correction over Opus Dei this day. Great job by both crews! And despite True Blue messing with us on Boat X, the J 24 sailed by Andre and myself would cross the finish line first. Meanwhile, Beatnik and Carol Lynn battled it out, it would be the S2 27 that would get the advantage over the red J24 AND sneak up and correct over True Blue. And the girls on Lady Kiki had sailed their best race so far this series only to be doomed by the low winter waters. The missing green can just below the secondary channel entrance was the culprit.
Great job everyone! We are at the halfway point of what promises to be another cold winter. You see, I can make that bold prediction with the utmost confidence since as of this publication, I am still three race reports behind! See everyone Race 5!  (Well, actually Race 8 since that is the next one coming up.) Dang, I need to get caught up on things!


Tim Chambers J 29 Maniac 108 (S) 1:25:18 1:15:35 8
Chris Cyrul Olson 30 Opus Die 99 (S) 1:25:05 1:16:10 7
Eric Almlie J 24 Boat X 171 (S) 1:42:58 1:27:34 6
James Drozdek S2 27 Carol Lynn 189 (S) 1:49:27 1:32:36 5
Shawn Douthat Ranger 33 True Blue 153 (S) 1:46:31 1:32:45 4
Mike Burrus J 24 Beatnik 171 (S) 1:51:52 1:36:28 3
Michelle Cash Ericson 29 Lady Kiki 211 DNF DNF 2


Tim Chambers J 29 Maniac 29
Eric Almlie J 24 Boat X 24
Mike Burrus J 24 Beatnik 16
Shawn Douthat Ranger 33 True Blue 15
James Drozdek S2 27 Carol Lynn 15
Michelle Cash Ericson 29 Lady Kiki 7
Chris Cyrul Olson 30 Opus Dei 7
Bob Rupe S2 24 Nightwind 3
Mike Miller Tanzer 22 Asylum 3
Race report written by Eric Almlie. ęCopyright 2011. All rights reserved.

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3900 Lee Pike

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