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Sunday, November 20, 2011

I concluded the previous race report with "If you have any questions regarding your handicap or that of any other's, please do not hesitate to discuss it with me." Just so there are no future misunderstandings, this was really just a rhetorical statement - a nicely fabricated declaration of reassurance to mean, "why yes, we here on the race committee really do listen  and are willing to further educate the Shackleton Fellowship on our policies and procedures." Honestly, I didn't think anyone would take me up on the offer to discuss PHRF numbers - yeah, like I really want to engage in yet another conversation about THAT! Seriously, there were no complaints filed but even if there were, I know exactly where to file them myself!


Now that we have this cleared up, on with Race 2! Despite the overcast appearance of the day, it was a great day for a Shackleton Race (unless you prefer glacial conditions). Winter-like weather has yet to set in by any means (at least on race days), and temps were once again in the 60s accompanied with some nice southerly breezes. A brief sprinkle or two passed through the race course but hardly of the point providing variety. There was more drenching from bow spray than rain today. A FUN day of sailing!

Over the years I have divulged a few secrets for success on the race course such as matching uniforms, cool looking sails, etc. (Note that proper sail trim and clever and innovative tactics are never mentioned as part of the success formula..) Add yet another secret to that list... blue spars. Although difficult to see the mast in this picture on the right of Whatta Ride, it was proven today that a blue mast and boom will help you sail faster. Honestly, this Wavelength 24 of Chris Cyrul's looks fast just tied up to the dock, reminding me of an old Toyota Celica commercial with a crotchety old man yelling at a parked vehicle on the street.  Naturally, fast boats in our fleet are assigned fast handicaps and for further elaboration on the PHRF provided, refer back to paragraph 1 of this report!





Overall, it was really a great day of sailing on a fun 7.8 mile course with a dizzying amount of buoy roundings. Honestly, it was only 9 buoys - we HAVE circled more than that before, probably in a shorter distance. But I don't have time to look it up  because I am still researching the history books to see if any boat has ever attempted the "Cover 2/3rds of the Line" technique that was implemented by one participant in the start of Race 2. This could also be better titled the "I Don't Care What Tack I Am On, You Can Go Around Me" technique! Okay, perhaps it wasn't quite two-thirds of the starting line but it sure seemed like it with that large bow sprit sticking out! (Hmm... do you think that last sentence may have exposed the identity of the culprit?)  No matter. Actually, I think he is quite proud of coming up with "I don't care what tack I am  on" rebuttal - who wouldn't be? Will simply enter it as another classic moment in the Shackleton Chronicles! More will certainly follow in Race 3. See you there!



Chris Cyrul Wavelength 24 Whatta Ride 156 (S) 1:48:40 1:28:23 9
Tim Chambers J 29 Maniac 105 (S) 1:42:30 1:28:51 8
Eric Almlie J 24 Luna Teak 168 (S) 1:52:51 1:30:30 7
James Drozdek S2 27 Carol Lynn 186 (S) 2:04:18 1:40:07 6
Shawn Douthat Ranger 33 True Blue 177 2:25:25 2:02:24 5
Michelle Cash Ericson 29 Lady Kiki 233 2:55:30 2:25:12 4
Patrick Sweetman O'Day 25 Stella 255 3:33:00 2:59:50 3
Larry Garner Catalina 22 Tapatai 285 3:38:00 3:00:56 2
David Barrow Mariner 36 Moriah 207 3:32:50 3:05:55 1


Tim Chambers J 29 Maniac 16
Eric Almlie J 24 Luna Teak 14
James Drozdek S2 27 Carol Lynn 12
Chris Cyrul Wavelength 24 Whatta Ride 9
Shawn Douthat Ranger 33 True Blue 6
Michelle Cash Ericson 29 Lady Kiki 4
Patrick Sweetman O'Day 25 Stella 4
David Barrow Mariner 36 Moriah 2
Larry Garner Catalina 22 Tapatai 2
Ellen Long O'Day 222 Sassafras 1
Mike Miller Tanzer 22 Asylum 1
Race Report written by Eric Almlie. ęCopyright 2011. All rights reserved.

Sale Creek Marina Multiboating, Inc..

3900 Lee Pike

Soddy Daisy, TN 37379