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Shackleton Race 1
October 26, 2013
Call it a missed deadline. Call it having other obligations take precedence. Or maybe even a case of writer's block. Actually, with less than 18 hours to go before the symphony of horns blast to announce the commencement of Race 2, this is the first time I have sat down to even scratch out something about Race 1. Rather than spend another 2 months attempting to wax eloquent about the first race of this season, which was actually a good one with southerly winds 15-20 after a frosty start (almost worthy of a cold point), instead I will simply post results below and let your imaginations run wild in attempting to figure out what happened this day. Some new faces with new boats, some old faces with different boats, but pretty much the same result in the first place slot. I guess Maniac pulled out all stops in this one after a CRUSHING defeat in the River Drop a few weeks prior at the hands of Comfortably Numb and The Blue Pearl. (Somehow I just HAD to get that bit of news online to the Shackleton readership.) This will surely pique imaginations further since there is no report of that online either. Perhaps there will be a write up for Race 2 with some accompanying photos but we make no guarantees. The best way to find out what happens on the race course is to GET OUT THERE!!!! See you all in Race 2!


Tim Chambers J 29 Maniac 105 (S) 1:37:17 1:22:14 8
Andre Rijsdijk Trintella 33 Dutchess 191 2:00:05 1:32:43 7
Peter Lindeman Cal 24   234 2:09:00 1:35:27 6
Eric Davidson SR 21 PDQ 158 (S) 2:03:00 1:40:21 5
Eric Almlie Catalina 27 Comfortably Numb 216 2:13:46 1:42:48 4
Mike Edge Ranger 23 Smoke on the Water 246 2:19:00 1:43:44 3
Michelle Cash Ericson 29 Lady Kiki 214 3:30:00 2:59:19 2
David Barrow Columbia 29 The Blue Pearl 216 (S) DNF DNF 1


Sale Creek Marina Multiboating, Inc.

3900 Lee Pike

Soddy Daisy, TN 37379