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If the above photograph doesn't get one excited about sailing then how about the one below...?

...Or perhaps the one below?

How about this?

It was a sunny November day, mid-teens...for wind speeds that is, not temperatures.- although it IS still The Shackleton Series, temps were seasonably mild - and some small white caps present in the wave action provided for a fun ride both upwind and downwind. Still not excited about sailing? Well, continue on...

And if you are excited about sailing? Continue on...

Over the years in these race reports, we have from time to time alluded to cool and exorbitant (and perhaps a bit eccentric) gadgetry type things to enhance our racing experiences - giant NASA type countdown clocks, stadium lighting along the shorelines for primetime races, plush committee boats, and even a reliable working VHF radio for the latter. Why, we have even talked about corporate jets, blimps, and choppers to survey the course. Well, FINALLY we have procured one of these items...well, two if you include the handheld VHF we have had for awhile. Yes, Race 2 had official aerial coverage! How cool is that? Although our current web page software does not embed videos very well, you may click on the link below to see some very nice overhead footage of a portion of this race's arena!

A special thanks for Peter Tuttle, Stacy Roberts, and  Mike McNair for setting up and chasing us around the lake with a drone. Most of the footage focuses on The Blue Pearl as they glided through the water beautifully near North Shore Acres across from Eldridge Slough. There is also some footage of Hasta La Vista trailing The Blue Pearl in addition to seeing a bit of the chute flying on Maniac. Alas, we see very little of Luna Teak in this video as they are hidden well in the sun glitter towards the latter part of the video. But perhaps their consolation prize for virtually being omitted from this video is a victory score today. Congrats to them and as Captain Chris Edwards of Luna Teak often does, he has posted video footage from his GoPro mounted on the transom.

Surely with all of this, you are now thoroughly excited about sailing and will come out and join us in The Shackleton Series! Race 3 is almost upon us!



Chris Edwards J 24 Luna Teak 168 1:34:00 1:16:35 4
Tim Chambers J 29 Maniac 111 1:39:50 1:18:38 3
David Barrow Columbia 29 The Blue Pearl 233 (NS) 1:53:36 1:21:22 2
Eric Almlie San Juan 24 Hasta La Vista 231 (NS) 1:56:20 1:24:22 1


Tim Chambers J 29 Maniac 8
Chris Edwards J 24 Luna Teak 8
David Barrow Columbia 29 The Blue Pearl 4
Eric Almlie San Juan 24 Hasta La Vista 4

Sale Creek Marina Multiboating, Inc.

3900 Lee Pike

Soddy Daisy, TN 37379