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Shackleton Race 6

January 23, 2016

The astute observer might notice an absence of a title photo for Race 6. This is correct. But what if we told you the above is an artistic representation of the conditions we were expecting for Race 6? A tremendous snowfall and blizzard with white out conditions! Well, that would be a bit of an overstatement of what we were expecting the eve of and the morning of Race 6. The actual prognostication was 1" - 3" of snow mixed in with a little bit of ice for fun. Due to the anticipated hazardous traveling conditions,  the RC announced yet another prudent postponement of a Shackleton Race. Not sure if this is a good thing or not but the postponing of races is becoming a little more habitual, and seems to be an easier decision each time!

But as it sometimes happens in these parts, the weather predictions do not come to fruition (say it ain't so!). Yeah, there was a dusting of some snow and maybe a few icy patches on the roads. But in hindsight, we probably could have gotten Race 6 in. Unfortunately (depending on how one looks at it) we may have been a tad premature to call it off. The actual conditions on the 23rd had ALL the components that make up an ideal Shackleton race - cloudy and grey skies, temps at or below freezing all day long, and a biting and gusty northwesterly wind of 15 - 25. Good thing we postponed? Bad thing we postponed? I heard somewhere that all Sir Ernest could muster up in a Tweet was "SMH." That said, I am sure the RC is a little more popular with some of the captains and crew. Will enjoy the moment for I am positive that come Race 7, the RC will be back in the doghouse.

See you at Race 7 and for the Race 6 makeup later on!


Sale Creek Marina Multiboating, Inc..

3900 Lee Pike

Soddy Daisy, TN 37379