Seasons greetings! It is that joyous time of year again and it seemed only fitting to include a festive photo. Alas, it is the only photo in this report. There were a few taken during the race but they didn't turn out so well, even with all the assistance of modern editing tools.

The race itself was excellent, despite the sparse turnout. A little cloud cover early but soon the sun came out and there was a persistent and steady NE wind for the approximate 8 mile course. Some fine sailing, and some not so fine by each of us. Warren on I Soar continues to shine downwind but he did say it was his turn for some bad luck on the course. Sure enough, on the upwind leg back, I Soar suffered a grounding that cost some precious time (don't all groundings?). Mike on Summer Breeze sailed well both downwind and upwind and had a good overall strategic plan that involved a quick headsail change between the downwind and upwind legs. But any good plan is not without potential pitfalls, and for the second time in this series, a sail had to be fished out of the water.  And on Hasta La Vista it was hardly a textbook spinnaker set and the downwind leg was about 1 mile in progress before that giant cloth was flying. But once up it was a pretty sight and all was well with the world!

The party was crashed by an Olsen 30 sailing around (with crew no less). You know how everything shakes when an 18 wheeler flies past you on the freeway? Same thing here. This is one fast boat, and to be truthful, we did invite them to sail with us but thankfully it was just for fun. They started the course well after us and finished well before us.

Again, a great and fun race. We wish everyone a happy holiday season and for those who have yet to make any new year's resolution, how about, "this is the year I will sail in the Shackleton Series!" More sailors wanted!



1.Eric AlmlieSan Juan 24Hasta La Vista88.1 (S)2:14:022:32:083
2.Warren SicklerRanger 23I Soar91.3 (S)2:33:592:48:392
3.Mike RiceBuccaneer 240Summer Breeze102.83:00:152:55:201


1.Warren SicklerRanger 23I Soar19
2.Eric AlmlieSan Juan 24Hasta La Vista16
3.Andre RijsdijkTrintella 33Dutchess12
4.David FreyeSan Juan 24Banana Split10
5.Mike RiceBuccaneer 240Summer Breeze5
6.Dan SiskJ 24Myrtle the Turtle3
7.Rodger LingS2 35CFood Acres2