Ever since the fateful decision was made to postpone  Race 7 I had been diligently checking the weather predictions for Race 8. Although I pretty much begin researching this vital information when any race day first starts to appear in the 10 Day Forecast, I consulted about every meteorologist  and  palm reader (same thing, according to some) known to existence for this one. Several times a day! All to insure that we were going to have good conditions and that alternate plans would not have to be made in case of a 2nd delay!  After all, now that the concept of rational thought has plagued the fleet there is no telling what kind of conditions in which  we will give a raincheck.  "Mostly cloudy day and only 45 degrees? Might have to put this one off!" It certainly has been a mild winter season and a grey, sub 50 degree day with a little breeze does now sound kind of cold, doesn't it? But that wasn't today.

Therefore, without hesitation and annoying hover ads, we bring you the complete and unabridged exploits of Race 8!



With the predicted southerly winds, we had visions of 3 separate spinnaker runs today.  Anyone flying a kite in this one has, with a heavy backing from The Foredeck Union (the alliance of spinnaker workers from the decks ofManiac), imposed personal and economic sanctions against me for sketching this one out and has cursed me through eternity or until the next time we postpone a race, whichever lasts longer. I must state for the record, however, that I do indeed "feel your pain" as before this race had even began, I had already sentenced myself to foredeck duties, relinquishing helm control to Andre on Luna Teak. Obviously I need to work on my technique (seen below) - perhaps justice is already served?



Yeah, it is a sorry looking set for sure and I take full responsibility for it. But even in all its ugliness, it still had loads of personality. And believe it or not, Luna Teak actually gained a little on Carol Lynn (after a grueling 2 hour back-and-forth duel) on this leg! Not that it mattered any as there was no way we were going to catch James and Kristen with the brilliant race they sailed. Besides, we probably gained ground only because they were too busy laughing and taking pictures! About 8-tenths of a second from crossing the finish line the chute was finally flying properly on this final run from Buoy 6.

Regardless, it was a beautiful day for atrocities such as this. And an even better day when things went well. We did miss the presence of the Whatta Ride!, AWOL after Chris and crew sailed in the St. Petersburg NOOD last weekend. But a familiar boat DID return to the Shackleton arena after being absent all year, Beatnik! But Captain Mike was not aboard this day. Rather it was Captain David Barrow making a last minute boat change before heading out, opting to sail the speedy red J24 instead of his house, Moriah. Although one boat is a bit faster, both boats are equally capable in terms of finding the bottom of the lake with their keels.

David would recover from this grounding and end up having great battle with Lady Kiki. Captain Michelle and company did a fantastic job this race but it the edge would go to Beatnik by a slim 29 seconds.   The True Blue crew also did a fine job, especially on the long upwind ride from Buoy 2 to Buoy 3. The giant yellow spinnaker even made an appearance this day - anyone else notice their sails suddenly go limp on that 2nd run? How about the shadow that chute cast across the lake?

But no matter how well we all sailed this day, we would not topple Maniac and must congratulate them on their victory. Well we don't have to - it just seems the sporting thing to do. And although Whatta Ride! has  taken a few races this season, barring some strange twist of events, it would appear that 1st place is sewn up going into the final race (the make up). Our second attempt at Race 7 is just about 24 hours away as of this printing! See you then!



Tim ChambersJ 29Maniac105 (S)1:35:501:22:326
James DrozdekS2 27Carol Lynn186 (S)1:48:411:25:075
Eric AlmlieJ 24Luna Teak168 (S)1:48:501:27:334
Shawn DouthatRanger 33True Blue162 (S)2:02:221:41:503
David BarrowJ 24Beatnik1832:11:001:47:492
Michelle CashEricson 29Lady Kiki2332:17:491:48:181


Tim ChambersJ 29Maniac49
James DrozdekS2 27Carol Lynn37
Chris CyrulWavelength 24Whatta Ride!36
Eric AlmlieJ 24Luna Teak36
Shawn DouthatRanger 33True Blue14
Michelle CashEricson 29Lady Kiki13
Patrick SweetmanO'Day 25Stella6
David BarrowMariner 36Moriah6
Larry GarnerCatalina 22Tapatai6
David BarrowJ 24Beatnik2
Mike MillerTanzer 22Asylum1
Ellen CobbleO'Day 222Sassafras1
Race report written by Eric Almlie ┬ęCopyright 2012. All rights reserved.