It is a topic that has never really been addressed in these race reports - and probably for good reason . Still, I must touch upon one aspect that seems to work itself into any realm of the entertainment business (and The Shackleton Series is entertainment) - and that is the world of fashion.  Followers of the famed winter sailing series might be impressed at how fashion conscious this fleet actually is and amazed at our chicness. (We are even more fashionable with words, but that's another story.)  Just because we are bundled up for cold weather at times doesn't mean we can't look stylish out there on the water, especially when it comes to headwear. As seen below, the toboggan hat donned by James is pretty much the standard issue within the Shackleton fleet. However, Kristen's nifty face mask thingy (I prefer that term over balaclava) was quite practical for combating wind burn along with keeping one's ears warm and was certainly the talk of the dock after the race. Well, part of it anyway - you know how we sailors can talk up a storm about any subject!



Meanwhile, below on Maniac, check out Bob's cool wide brim deal - looks like kind of a hybrid bucket/fedora (a "budora" if you will) - a Tilley's hat by chance?  Now if you have ever witnessed a cold Shackleton race over the years, you would have definitely seen (and envied) Tim's jester type winter cap. Not sure what else one would call it. Although it may perhaps be one of a kind, rumor has it that the Shackleton crew itself (yes the Shackleton crew from the Antarctic) were the first to design such hats at the whaling station after their hike across South Georgia Island. After all, it is hard to think of anything more fitting for several men to have on the top of their heads while zipping down the side of a glacier bobsled-style - without the bobsled! Kind of fits the mood, you know?




Well, actually there would be one better thing to have when sliding off a mountain top...





And this is even more appropriate for sailing, especially today! (More on that later.) And yes, there is definitely a story behind this helmet worn by Paul Healy from the Whatta Ride! crew. Part of that story is on the port side of the helmet:


For the remainder of the tale, you would have to ask Paul. Well, that about covers enough fashion news for now - in the next installment we will reveal  the latest and greatest of Shackleton footwear!  And since the reporting will be done with the same frequency as it took to get to this episode - look for this subject to be addressed sometime in the 2022 season - probably sooner than most of us would like! And don't worry, after proofing the preceding text, I plan to eighty-six that application to write for Vogue Magazine.


YES there was a race today! And it was a GREAT day for a sailboat race as evidenced in the opening photo ofTrue Blue atop this report. With all the big rains we have had so far this winter, which has honestly felt a little more spring like, the river was again swelled up just a couple feet shy from summer pool. But we can't have that this time of year so the water was again flowing freely in attempts to empty the lake (now that there is an established record for groundings in a race, some one is sure to want to try and break it!). But this time, unlike some prior races this season, we had some good southerly winds to fight the current with. Good thing, because we were headed downstream first!


Downloaded from


It was a fun filled ride down to the Possum Creek vicinity - albeit crowded at times as seen on the left. Of course that was soon after the start and things are always bunched up a little then.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, this race report had the potential to become a War and Peace novel (it may still, if I keep rambling). Today, Andre took the helm of Luna Teak while I worked the sheets and foredeck during the spinnaker run. The camera was in hand at all times, snapping photos at will, most of which were taken in the area of the windward marks. Even though the fleet spread out a little as it normally does, it made for some spectacular photography (for the "point and click"  amateur type photographer I am) as boats were sailing to and from the downstream marks. There were several excellent spinnaker shots of Maniac and Whatta Ride!, upwind pictures showing the pretty, rich colors on the hull of Lady Kiki, and even photos of a rogue MacGregor 26 that made its way into the course from somewhere down river, flying a neat little asymmetrical spinnaker. Many of these would have been published here if not for the fact that, at some point in time during the upwind leg, I accidentally switched on the camera's "night framing" option - so what I thought would be some cool action photos to share here, turned out to be nothing but whited-out rectangular shapes when uploaded to the hard drive. Argh!

Fortunately, we had others handy with a camera today and special thanks to James and Scott for sending what they captured on film, er..., memory card. In fact, the picture at the right that James snapped is a prime example of the variety of boats that participate in this series and where else but in our humble fleet would you see a J 24 duking it out with a Mariner 36 ketch? Furthermore, where else would you see someone single handing that very same 36' ketch? Yep, this is always a great bunch to sail with!

But with all this, I guess you readers want to know what happened out there today. Well, we tacked, we jibed, we sailed hard, and had a grand time doing it! Congratulations to Whatta Ride! for their victory today - another tight finish between them and Maniac. On a side note, has anyone else noticed the crew population explosion on these two boats as of late? Nothing wrong with that, just sayin'. Seriously, super job by them and everyone else today!

Oh, and that statement earlier about a helmet being an appropriate accessory today? Andre took a boom on the ol' noggin during our last jibe on Luna Teak. Fortunately, he was not injured but did suffer Excedrin Headache #55, got a nice swollen spot, and lost his prized toboggan in the process (the fashion world weeps). I didn't even know it happened at the time since I was temporarily paralyzed on the foredeck by our spinnaker as it somehow wrapped me up during takedown. It was kind of like when Superman threw that giant cellophane looking "S" over those super villains in one of those movies. It wasn't until I returned to the cockpit that I learned of Andre's misfortune. Yes, we are thankful he was not hurt any further. Let's all be careful out there and remember Paul's Sailing 101 rules: 1. See Boom, 2. Duck. See you at Race 7!




Chris CyrulWavelength 24Whatta Ride!156 (S)1:44:051:21:598
Tim ChambersJ 29Maniac105 (S)1:37:471:22:547
James DrozdekS2 27Carol Lynn186 (S)1:53:181:26:576
Eric AlmlieJ 24Luna Teak168 (S)1:52:501:29:025
Shawn DouthatRanger 33True Blue1771:59:461:34:414
Michelle CashEricson 29Lady Kiki2332:19:551:46:543
Larry GarnerCatalina 22Tapatai2852:28:001:47:372
David BarrowMariner 36Moriah2072:45:002:15:401


Tim ChambersJ 29Maniac43
Chris CyrulWavelength 24Whatta Ride36
Eric AlmlieJ 24Luna Teak32
James DrozdekS2 27Carol Lynn32
Michelle CashEricson 29Lady Kiki12
Shawn DouthatRanger 33True Blue11
Patrick SweetmanO'Day 25Stella6
Larry GarnerCatalina 22Tapatai6
David BarrowMariner 36Moriah6
Mike MillerTanzer 22Asylum1
Ellen LongO'Day 222Sassafras1
Race report written by Eric Almlie. ┬ęCopyright 2012. All rights reserved.