So if you sat down in front of the computer, steaming cup of coffee (or whatever your tasty beverage of choice may be) in hand, clicked any one of the various links to get to this page, leaned back in your chair, anticipating another exciting tack-by-tack race report with jaw dropping, spine tingling, mind gripping details, brace yourself because here it is!









There was no wind today. There's your report.

The wind has not been our friend for 3 straight Shackleton races now, dating back to last year. Not sure what we did to make enemies, but whatever it is, we are truly sorry. SURELY we have paid our dues by now and the wind gods will smile on us for the remainder of this series. Please?

At the very least it WAS a nice day to be out on the water. And it was nice to see some new boats and faces, and some old boats and faces return. And alas, a couple of boats have already established a commanding point lead. That's okay, as everyone knows, we stopped counting Maniac years ago. And Andre? With a 6' draft on that San Juan 34 and no depthfinder, there are some that will predict a grounding or two. Seriously, thank you everyone for putting up with Race 1. Race 2 will be better. Please?




Tim ChambersJ 29Maniac108 (S)2:43:272:37:097
Andre RijsdijkSan Juan 34Windrush1394:17:134:09:066
Mike EdgeRanger 23Smoke on the Water231 (S)DNFDNF1
David BarrowColumbia 20The Blue Pearl219 (S)DNFDNF1
Paul MarshSeafarer 29Seawitch Magick225DNFDNF1
Joel DavenportIrwin 28Reconciliation225DNFDNF1
Eric AlmlieSan Juan 24Hasta La Vista211 (S, 170%)DNFDNF1