Maniac leads the way as the Race 1 winds finally appear in time for the downwind leg (and for the rest of us still working our way up the first upwind leg!) .



A new captain and crew for Hasta La Vista (not sure if they still plan on keeping that name) as they hung in with Maniac pretty much boat for boat during the drifting conditions early on.



Speaking of drifting conditions, Andre attempts to find a shoreline draft in Dutchess (above) while Larry in his recently launched Catalina 22 searches for wind shortly after the start (below).




Tim ChambersJ 29Maniac1112:08:121:59:156
Harley DuncanSan Juan 24Hasta La Vista231 NS2:31:452:13:165
Andre RijsdijkTrintella 33Dutchess191 NS2:32:022:16:454
Eric AlmlieCatalina 27Comfortably Numb2072:43:442:27:103
Robert WheelerSan Juan 34Odyssea144 NS3:14:503:03:192
Larry GarnerCatalina 22Unknown285 NSDNFDNF1